Day 01: Your Favourite Kdrama

My Favorite Kdrama would have to be Bad Guy! This was the most intriguing story line and plot. It had me hooked and I craved more every week. I was in awe at how gripping it was. I really like melodramas I didn’t realized that until I watched this one. My favorite was the way Kim Nam Gil Played everyone till the very end.

The story line goes: Kim Nam Gil’s Character Gun Wook was brought into a big rich family mistakenly. They raised him for a little while and discovers he’s not the right child and disown him. His real parents come to get him but are killed in an accident on their way to pick him up. When he’s older he plots revenge on the family that disowned him. He misleads and manipulates the family in many ways. It’s just so flippin good! 

I wish it was the full 20 episode instead of the 17…